Perspective: A patient's view of drains after mastectomy

Life often takes you places you never thought you would travel......In May of 2004 I left an operating room having underwent a double mastectomy for breast cancer at the age of 43. If that diagnosis wasn't scary enough; being sent home with clunky cumbersome drains was another shock. I was told that myself or my caregiver would have to "strip-drain-measure" the contents of these messy drains four times a day - for the next three weeks until I visited my surgeon for removal. I never thought life would take me to this diagnosis or to this difficult place of having to rely on someone to care for my surgical sites in this way. It never occurred to me that there might be a choice in how my surgical aftercare was conducted. Fast forward to 2016.....I was excited to learn about this improved post surgical option offered by Somovac Medical. There are many features that will help the patient to maintain their dignity after this difficult and emotional surgery. Using a hands-free option of the removal of fluid and allowing the patient to be more mobile and get back to their life quickly; is something that I wold have welcomed in my own recovery. In 2004, I remember being in the middle of a very busy season of graduations and celebrations in my household and wanting to be part of the festivities however I found myself sidelined by the maintenance of these difficult drains. I couldn't be happier to be part of what I believe will revolutionize the way women recover from breast cancer surgery.

Michele Squires- age 56
12 year survivor