Reading List


One of our core values at SOMAVAC is an infinite motivation to continue learning and maintaining curiosity. This coupled with our strong beliefs in transparency and helping others, led us to share our favorite readings with you. As we grow, we expect our team members to contribute to our list and discussions about these materials. Our goal is to update this library as we find materials that move us. We hope you will enjoy taking a look at them as well. Let us know if you would like to borrow some of our materials.


Why We Revolt by Victor Montori

This book is a series of personal assays and commentary by Dr. Montori who is an endocrinologist. The book presents problems that are apparent in the current delivery of healthcare.  There are proposals to attain a more kind and caring healthcare. This book is passionate and encourages the reader to act.

Paperback, 174 pages, Published October 4th 2017 by Patient Revolution, ISBN: 0999394819.


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