SOMAVAC® is a rapidly growing medical device company with a mission to change how patients recover after major surgeries, wherever that may be.


Each year, millions of PATIENTS …

... need a solution to prevent fluid buildup after surgeries like mastectomies and hernia repairs. SOMAVAC® Medical is launching its first FDA cleared product, the SOMAVAC® 100 Sustained Vacuum System to address seroma and hematoma formation with the first continuous suction device.

Many types of surgeries create large voids or flaps in which fluid can build up and lead to a medical condition called seroma. In this modern age of medicine and healthcare, there is no solution to prevent a seroma, only partial solutions. As such, 1 in 5 patients continue to experience problems that are painful and costly and require interventions. Complications add more than $1 bn of the burden to the US healthcare system, annually. The global surgical drain market is estimated at $2.9 bn with 4% CAGR between 2018-2026.


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