SOMAVAC® Medical is a rapidly growing medical device company with a mission to create solutions that will help patients recover with dignity after surgeries. Due to significant reductions in average length of hospital stay after surgeries, now more than ever before, more of post-operative recovery takes place at home. However, patients and caregivers are increasingly overwhelmed during this delicate period of recovery. They find themselves operating professional medical devices in their home with minimal training. Not only this leads to pain and suffering, it also creates opportunities for misuse. SOMAVAC® Medical was launched with a mission to create medical devices that are able to function effectively both at home and in a professional healthcare setting.

SOMAVAC® Medical’s first product, SOMAVAC® 100 Sustained Vacuum Device, is designed to improve the recovery process after major surgeries like mastectomies and hernia repairs. After these and other surgeries leading to large flaps, closed suction drains (JP drains) are used to remove and collect fluid to prevent a potential build up (seroma). These manual suction devices are antiquated, unsanitary, and bulky: much disliked by patients. They are unable to apply the sustained suction that has been shown to remove fluids effectively to promote healing. They have seen less improvement than an elbow brace in nearly 50 years!  This is why we listened to surgeons, patients, caregivers, hospitalists and designed a solution that delivers sustained vacuum with lightweight and compact device.

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"In 2004, I remember being in the middle of a very busy season of graduations and celebrations in my household and wanting to be part of the festivities however I found myself sidelined by the maintenance of these difficult drains. I couldn't be happier to be part of what I believe will revolutionize the way women recover from breast cancer surgery."       

Michele Squires


Suction bulbs used today were created nearly 50 years ago. They are antiquated and unsanitary.


SOMAVAC® Sustained Vacuum Device is lightweight and discreet. No more bulbs!

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